Strictly Ballroom

Friday 25th February 7:30 PM


'Scott (Paul Mercurio), is a talented dancer who dreams of winning the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix. His maverick approach flies in the face of the rituals of ballroom dance and sees him being threatened with disbarment and without a partner. Enter the clumsy and visually challenged Fran (Tara Morice). Together, they do it their way and make their dreams of the National Championship title come true.
The plot is blatantly familiar, a romance blossoming between an unlikely pair, and they go on to conquer all, against all the opposition. But add Luhrmann's flamboyant style and you have a film that has a vibrant energy.' BBCi


“ 'A breezy and immensely likable musical comedy, a remarkably confident film debut for co-writer/director Baz Luhrmann”

David Stratton, Variety