The Assassination Of Jesse James...

Sunday 3rd February 5:00 PM


The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

In this, his second feature since Chopper, the New Zealand-born director makes an impact as an excellent storyteller. It is not a very bloody or violent affair, but a captivating film surrounding the most famous outlaw in American history and enveloping the viewer in 1880s USA. It rivals or even surpasses the novels from that era and a whole string of classical westerns. The majestic skies and landscapes are highly impressive, but the film is most interested in the psychological make-up of the characters, simply letting their day-to-day activities speak for themselves. Brad Pitt is great as Jesse James, (Best Actor, Venice 2007) but Casey Affleck's fine performance as the titular coward is utterly compelling.


“A ravishing, magisterial, poetic epic that moves its characters toward their tragic destinies with all the implacability of a Greek drama”

Todd McCarthy, VARIETY