Friday 11th April 2:15 PM


In 2003, in the aftermath of Iraq's invasion, the patients of a mental hospital escape into the crazed Baghdad world. Medical student Mehdi, trapped in lowly work by his late father's activism against Saddam, gets the help of patriotic soldier (and asylum inmate) Ali to round up the lost patients – among them Ahlaam in her wedding dress, searching hopelessly for her lost fiancé. This is an unflinching story of life pre- and post-Saddam, a rare chance to see an Iraqi point-of-view. The film-makers were kidnapped by insurgents and interrogated by US soldiers during the shoot, yet survived to tell an extraordinary tale. 'That any film should be made under such circumstances is extraordinary in itself, but that the film should also look so good and be so compelling, is nothing short of a miracle.' (Anton Bitel, Channel 4 Film)

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