2 Days In Paris

Sunday 17th February 5:00 PM


As Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian) says, this is a very linkable, smart, offbeat debut from Delpy as director, inevitably related to the Richard Linklater films in which she starred. Similar to the walk-and-talk intimacy of Before Sunrise and Sunset, but sharper, funnier and less syrupy, we follow a couple (Delpy and Adam Goldberg), she a Parisian, he a New Yorker, as they spend a weekend in her home town.

The film was written, edited, directed and co-produced by its star, who reveals a wicked sense of humour and a real understanding of relationships. She also wrote the music and cast her real parents as her onscreen ones. In Philip French's opinion, Delpy's ego trip proves, fortunately, to be a happy, very funny excursion.


“Quirky, fresh and sharply intelligent...both thought-provoking and painfully funny.”