Sunday 6th April 5:00 PM


This comedy about life, love and relationships in the twenty first century, shot in London, Liverpool and the Isle of Man by the directors of "Lawless Heart" (screened by KFC in December 2002) features Sam, a charming, young schemer who has ambitions in the glamorous world of public relations, his mum Jill (Lesley Manville), an aspiring singer, and Vince (Bob Hoskins) who gives him the opportunity to move to London.

However, his best-laid plans, involving Sheila (Stockard Channing), suffer a real setback when true love turns his world upside down in the most unexpected of circumstances. Ultimately about forgiveness, this is a charming and intelligent affair.


“Funny, likable and watchable, with some nice performances, particularly from Bob Hoskins as a lovelorn older man”

Peter Bradshaw, THE GUARDIAN