Born and Bred

Thursday 6th March 6:00 PM


Argentine maestro Pablo Trapero continues his upward trajectory as director in this his fourth feature, displaying immense empathy toward its central character, Santiago, with immense Patagonian landscapes to match. Trapero shoots the vast, frozen plains beautifully, and they become a metaphor for Santiago's spiritual emptiness. It's a typically intelligent and emotionally stunning journey of a father's return to his senses after a horrible accident.

Santiago's new fugitive existence (from spoiled interior designer in Buenos Aires to broken loner in the far South) shows that however diminished Santiago is in this new world, the people involved in it, and their anguish, are real too - but Trapero manages a genuine surprise finale...


“A searing, wonderfully shot, and artfully understated examination of guilt and grief...this is a deft, moving, intelligent film.”