Sunday 21st October 5:00 PM


Water, the third in Deepa Mehta's controversial 'elements' trilogy, focuses on the deep-rooted social injustices faced by millions of Hindu women in 1930s India.

8 year old Chuyia is widowed before she has even met her husband. In keeping with 2000 year old custom, her parents shave her head and closet her away in a house of widows, where the women beg in the streets and mildly accept their lot in life. Chuyia's illuminating presence affects their lives radically, as a forbidden romance develops between Chuyia's friend and a young Ghandi - following Brahmin who has sworn to resist injustice.

Despite the harsh social issues the film has a lively light feeling - even more surprising given the Hindu fundamentalist threats against Deepa Mehta's life and the Indian Government's inability to guarantee her safety. People risked their lives to make this film, which was finally completed in Sri Lanka. Please watch it!


“Deftly balancing epic socio-political scope with intimate human emotions, all polished to a highly technical gloss, Deepa Mehta's Water is a profoundly moving drama.”

Eddie Cockrell, Variety