The Namesake

Sunday 25th November 5:00 PM


Adapted from Jhumpa Lahiri's Pulitzer prize-winning novel, The Namesake stars Kal Penn as Gogol, the son of Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli, who leave their home in Kolkata to begin a new life in 70s New York. Gogol's Russian name provokes a personal identity crisis, but it's not till years later that he questions both his name and identity as a first generation American teenager.

Exploring the Asian American immigrant experience, this poignant tale resonates wherever you are placed in the world. But it's the quiet love story between Gogol's parents that really inspires and lifts the film.

This is an outstanding portrayal of two young strangers who are brought together by ancient tradition and grow old side by side, while trying to make sense of their confusing contemporary world. A fascinating story of the meeting of cultures.


“The Namesake brims with intelligence, compassion and sensuous delight in the textures, sights and sounds of life -all the way from the Taj Mahal to Pearl Jam”

Chicago Tribune