Breaking & Entering

Sunday 11th February 5:00 PM


This story of love draws its strength from the setting: an utterly contemporary portrait of a London fractured by urban regeneration, immigration and the gross imbalance of its citizens’ wealth. Will (Jude Law) and Sandy (Martin Freeman), successful architects who have won a tender to regenerate King’s Cross decide to relocate their office to the area as commitment to the project. It appears a poor decision when they are targeted by Amira (Juliette Binoche)'s son. Enter Bruno (Ray Winstone) to investigate, and the emotional intensity increases. Superbly-acted, well-paced and leavened with humour, Minghella once again delivers the goods.

"Minghella captures the damage and strains of profound and rapid change quite brilliantly. The images of the urban renewal around King’s Cross are haunting, as are the images of the area’s inherent seediness. The human metaphor that glues the drama together is wonderfully effective" - James Christopher, The Times


“Full of interesting characters, intelligently conceived scenes and funny lines.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian