Tony Takitani

Sunday 26th November 5:00 PM


Having been ostracised during his childhood because of his Western name, Tony had gone through a very lonely childhood. A talented artist restricted by his lack of feeling, he has now made a career as a technical illustrator, usually working alone.

How does such a person then cope when love so unexpectedly strikes? Eiko is like an angel in Tony's daily existence, and for the first time in his life, he feels connected to the outside world.

Murakami's works are amongst some of the most brilliant creations of modern literature. Tony Takitani is the first time that Murakami has allowed one of his short stories to be adapted for the screen. Director, Jun Ichikawa has created a film that resonates classic Japanese works to a degree rarely encountered in today's cinema. Let's hope it is the first in a long partnership.