Sunday 9th April 5:00 PM


The maestro of discomfort returns after detours into a post-apocalyptic landscape (Time of the Wolf) and music (The Piano Teacher). Now, closer to home, a study of the many faces of responsibility.

George and Anne are a well-to-do middle class French family with a son. But their comfortable life begins to unravel when an anonymous video tape appears in the post showing their house over a two hour period. They are being watched. But by who? And why? Is the past coming back to haunt them? Unravelling like a classic thriller and addressing the many faces of personal and national responsibilities this is typically rigorous filmmaking from a master.

BEST DIRECTOR - Cannes Film Festival 2005


“a spectacularly intelligent movie... suspenseful, gripping and emotionally affecting drama. A film of splendid ambiguities”

Time Out