Head On

Sunday 11th December 5:00 PM


Sounding initially like yet another gentle, pre-digested rom-com: Man enters into marriage of convenience with free-spirited stranger in order to free her from her rabidly strict family, only to gradually realize that they're actually made for each other.

From the opening frames, however, it's clear that the aptly named Head-On takes a markedly different approach to the material- here, he makes his living picking up empties in a punk club, she's mainly looking for a way to have as much unattached sex 'n drugs as possible, and they meet after both attempting suicide.

The most honestly electrifying film I've seen in years, Fatih Akin's thundering character piece completely captures the joy, fear and self-loathing of bottoming out. Perhaps even more impressively he displays a deep compassion for his characters throughout without sugar coating their destructive qualities in the slightest. Those thirsting for a walk on the wild side should be completely enthralled.

Andrew Wright, The Stranger, Seattle