Super Size Me

Sunday 3rd April 5:00 PM


What happens when you eat nothing but McDonald's for one month? Armed with his video camera filmmaker Morgan Spurlock challenged himself to eat three meals a day at Ronald's McDs - and if they offered to 'super-size' his order, he had to say yes!

After three weeks his doctor is begging him to abandon the plan as his body balloons and his liver tests are coming back as 'obscene'.

One part Michael Moore-type anti-corporate tub-thump, one part Jackass: The Investigative Blow-Out, Spurlock looks at the McInvasion of schools and hospitals, takes his beef to an insufficiently slick PR for the Grocery Manufacturers of America and pelts us with chewy stats and facts. Meanwhile he puts on 25 pounds, waves goodbye to his libido and ponders the implications for the diet of millions of 'users' worldwide.

Best Director’s Award, Sundance Film Festival, 2004


“witty. . vastly entertaining”

Hotdog Magazine