Memories of Murder

Sunday 6th March 5:00 PM


Inspired by the crimes of Korea's first recorded serial killer, this policier was a huge hit in South Korea. After the discovery of female corpses in and around a provincial town in 1986, Park (Song Kang-ho) a brash but often intuitively correct local detective is joined by Inspector Suh (Kim Sang-kyung), a more methodical type from Seoul who barely conceals his contempt for the country cop's methods of interrogation.

After ensuring we're hooked by a good, suspenseful mystery, Bong refuses to play by the generic rules: he emphasises the human cost of the killings, the despair and confusion that set in as the investigation drags on and the fact that the waters are far muddier - in terms of evidence and ethics - than we'd like to believe.

Best New Director, San Sebastian Festival, 2003


“spectacular. . brilliant. . a masterly blending of drama, horror and black humour”

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