Last Life in the Universe

Sunday 30th January 5:00 PM


A rich and pleasing love story between Kenji (Asano), a depressed ex-pat librarian in Bangkok with Mob connections and Thai bar girl Noi (Boonyasak), from the director of last season's Mon-Rak Transistor.

Stuck in limbo, unable to move on or end it, Kenji hooks up with Noi, the sister of a girl run down in front of him as he perches on the edge of a bridge. Their striking and moving relationship forms the core of this surreal mix of gangster in-fighting and whimsical mood piece.

Heavy with irony, sometimes reminiscent of Jim Jarmusch's hipster deadpan style and shot with Chris Doyle's typically ravishing poise, this is a unique slice of Asian cool from a maturing filmmaker.

Jury Prize, Fant-Asia Film festival, 2004


“an exquisitely realized film; a little gem”

Chicago Tribune