Christie Malry's Own Double-entry

Sunday 15th February 3:30 PM


Nick Moran, Neil Stuke, Kate Ashfield.
In this visually audacious, updated adaptation of the short novel by cult writer BS Johnson (who committed suicide in 1975), Moran plays the eponymous, none-too-gifted nerd, waging war on his enemies - real and imagined - using a simple, if highly effective credit and debit system. Though shot well before 11 September 2001, Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry is bizarrely prophetic in places too - with its scenes of terrorism, governmental panic, and planes over the Middle East (direct results of Malry's extra-curricular activities). Interwoven throughout is a joint storyline - set in the 15th century and concerning Leonardo Da Vinci and the Franciscan monk who originally dreamt up the Double Entry. The film is further enhanced by a terrific soundtrack by Auteurs frontman Luke Haines. (Notes from Channel4Film)


“One of the most powerful and deeply immersive cinematic experiences you'll ever have”

Total Film