Vendredi Soir

Sunday 18th January 5:30 PM


A warm, tender movie from Claire Denis (Beau Travail), this dreamlike masterpiece opens on a Friday night in Paris. Having packed up her possessions to move in with her lover, Laure attempts to drive to have dinner with friends but discovers that the traffic is at a standstill. A handsome stranger knocks on her car window: this chance encounter will change her life. Using little dialogue, Denis allows Agn├Ęs Godard's luminous photography to take centre stage, lending night-time Paris and the physical attraction between Laure and Jean a palpable frisson. Beautifully scored by Dickon Hinchliffe (of Tindersticks), it's cinema to mesmerise you.


“A swooningly erotic, beguilingly romantic adventure...a rapturous transcription of an evening in one woman's life”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian