Sunday 8th February 5:30 PM


This good-natured comedy, top-scoring film at the British Federation of Film Societies Autumn viewing sessions, introduces us to Elling the would-be poet and his friend Kjell the would-be lover, who share a room at a psychiatric treatment centre until they are discharged into a flat in central Oslo under the eye of the social services. Britain's "Care in the Community", despite its name, could gain so much from copying our Scandinavian neighbours. As Elling writes, and Kjell falls in love with the pregnant lady upstairs, the bizarre and the eccentric are commonplace, but treated with the sympathy and genuine humour that refresh our better human instincts.

Nominated Best Foreign Film, Oscars 2002

This screening will be preceded by the short film "Welcome To"


“Wry, seductive and sweet”

Wally Hammond, Time Out