The Dreamers

Sunday 18th April 5:30 PM


The tumultuous political landscape of Paris in 1968 (particularly Henri Langlois's dismissal from the Cinémathèque) is the backdrop as three young cinephiles are drawn together by their passion for film. Matthew, an American exchange student, discovers in French twins Theo and Isabelle a relationship unlike anything he has ever experienced or will ever encounter again...and he longs to be a part of it. Past Oscar-winner Bertolucci (The Last Emperor, Last Tango in Paris, etc.) makes his love of cinema apparent, masterfully and playfully paying homage to some of the great directors of world cinema and their films.


“His strongest work since the Eighties, it's a rich, resonant blend of personal, psychological and sexual politics. Without doubt, it's one of the year's most intriguing movies”

David Gritten, The Daily Telegraph