21 Grams

Sunday 3rd October 5:30 PM


From the maker of Amores Perros one of the 21st Century's best films to date, this is Inarritu's latest masterpiece, a technically exhilarating, structurally complex and gripping narrative which tests audience comprehension to the limit.

The plot is deceptively simple. The lives of a professor dying of heart disease, a suburban mother and an ex-con who has found Jesus, intersect after a tragic accident.

Tackling huge questions: if there is a God, why does He allows evil things to happen? What is the nature of human identity? How do we cope with guilt? This is a hugely ambitious drama led by three powerhouse performances.

Audience Award, Venice Film Festival 2003


“An arresting and accomplished film... fluid, exhilarating, virtuoso cinema.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian