Friday 1st March 6:30 PM


Follow the rise and fall of the world's wildest cinema in the riotous new doc from co-directors Ali Catterall and Jane Giles, who will be presenting the film in Keswick.

In a cavernous building near Kings Cross, reverberating from the rumbling tube trains below, London’s legendary Scala cinema ran from 1978-1993. A site of permissiveness, subversiveness and transgression during the politically turbulent, post-punk, pre-digital Thatcher years, it was legendary for its anything-goes attitude and the sheer excitement it generated around repertory film – with all-nighters, trash/horror/arthouse double and triple bills.

Thanks To BFI


“If you've never known about the Scala... it will make you interested, because it's a story about something... a kind of weird artistic eruption that just happened almost spontaneously”

Mark Kermode




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