Nobody Has To Know

Sunday 17th December 5:30 PM
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We finish this season with an unusual love story, both in characters and place, whilst the twists and turns will keep you guessing along the way. Set in the beautiful but barren Outer Hebrides, with the lovers in their autumn years, will it all turn out for good… or will it go sour? "'Nobody Has to Know' from writer, director and leading man Bouli Lanners is a moving study of love that comes too late. Phil (Lanners) is an islander, originally from Belgium, who enjoys the hard outdoor life. The locals are simple, religious, and plain spoken. While walking alone on the cold beach he suffers a stroke; he loses his memory but makes a recovery. Millie played with tremendous intensity by Michelle Fairley, is a local woman assigned to take care of him; she tells him a lie, that they were secretly together before his stroke" - Ann Brodie, What She Said.

"'Nobody Has To Know' goes beyond those melodramatic roots to explore a more measured, complex story of how to escape the straitjacket of a settled past to create a future based on a more honest understanding. Side shoots of the story convey the family circumstances that have shaped both Phil and Millie, with Julian Glover co-starring as her dour, taciturn father Angus" - Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

"The widescreen film looks, for lack of a better word, stunning. Lanners background in landscape painting has been a constant in his work, with the empty, wide or overwhelming landscapes frequently strong psychological indicators rather than just pretty backdrops" - Boyd van Hoeij, Film Verdict.


“This wistful, island-set melodrama has strong performances and the sly hypnotic power of a high-end meditation app.”

Kevin Maher, The Times



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