Master Gardener

Sunday 29th October 5:00 PM
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Joel Edgerton plays the gardener in Sigourney Weaver's estate, but we soon realise he has not always been a gardener. "He describes a certain sensation as 'the buzz you get just before pulling the trigger.' A viewer may notice that [he] always wears long-sleeved shirts, even as the weather gets warmer. It's curious. Then, [in his bedroom], he strips to the waist in front of the mirror. During my first viewing of the movie, this was the point in which I wrote, 'What the f—k is going on?' And I left it at that writing from Venice last year - and I'm still going to leave it at that. The mileage other critics give you will definitely vary; the plot has also been discussed in a spate of recent Schrader interviews. But if there's a chance that you can walk into this film innocent, you should. That's the way the movie will best work on you" - Glen Kenny, Can you resist reading the reviews?


“At 76, more than 20 films into his storied career, Paul Schrader can still deliver a sucker punch.”

Tara Brady, Irish Times

“The less you know about Master Gardener going in, the better: tracing the trail of these characters’ secrets is part of the thrill. But it’s compelling for other reasons too.”

Stephanie Zacharek TIME Magazine



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