Sunday 1st October 5:00 PM
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Leon (Thomas Schubert) goes away to his friend Leon's parents' house for some peace and quiet to write his book. When they arrive, they find the house is not empty; Leon's Mum forgot to tell him that Nadja was already staying there... and the forest fire is getting closer and closer... "This is a film about youth, climate change, ego, artistry and, well, being a human in the world. So naturally the main protagonist is an arrogant, off-putting writer aggrieved by everything and everyone around him as he tries to work on his latest novel in a would-be idyllic setting" - Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press.


“It's a delightful surprise that [director] Petzold does this examination of masculinity with a generous helping of humour, perhaps delivering his funniest movie yet, elevated by Schubert's exacting performance as someone you both want to smack and lend a shoulder to cry on”

Tomris Laffly, The Wrap

“Witty and sad, awkward and surprising...”

Ed Potton, The Times

“Afire is an entertainment with spark and philosophical insight”

Jonathan Romney. Financial Times



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