A Bird Flew In

Friday 24th February 6:30 PM


Filmed in 2021, this is a lockdown drama exploring the effects on a film cast and crew of living alone during covid restrictions. The six interlinking narratives show us how they each cope with enforced isolation: an actor fears her best performance will never be shown and succumbs to depression, an editor agonises that she cannot visit her mother who is sick, a writer yearns for a colleague who has to return to an abusive ex-partner. A Bird Flew In is directed by Kirsty Bell in her debut film, and features an ensemble cast including Derek Jacobi and Sadie Frost.

Thanks to Jade Films


“The off-beat choice of filming in black and white widescreen is a good one since it underlines the way in which the pandemic cut off individuals from their communities.”

Film Review Daily

“Shot in striking black and white, the film looks great and features a fine eclectic cast. ”

Rich Cline



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