A Chiara

Sunday 9th October 5:00 PM


This is the third part of a loose Calabrian trilogy by director Jonas Carpignano. "At once a coming-of-age story and a mafia thriller, 'A Chiara' takes a look at organized crime in Southern Italy from the unique perspective of a teenage girl, Chiara (Swamy Rotolo). Her world is turned upside down after her father disappears and she tumbles down the rabbit hole after him, discovering he's a member of the 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate'" – Katie Walsh, The Wrap.

Taking non-professional actors in the first 2 parts, he extends their roles here: Chiara was a side character last time around, and now takes the lead, with Swamy Rotolo gaining great reviews as a fine actor in the making. Her real family play most of Chiara’s family – the Guerrasios - too.

Kate Walsh continues - "Carpignano immerses us into the world of the Guerrasio family at Giulia's 18th birthday party. It's a long, joyous, and celebratory scene, detailing all the small family dynamics, the loving rivalry between Chiara and Giulia, the close relationship the girls have with their father, who is a quiet, but proud man, and introduces the low-stakes conflict that is Chiara's uncles threatening to out her to her father as a smoker.

The party scene lulls the audience into a sense of warm safety, a bubble that's pierced dramatically, in an almost surreal fashion, when Chiara, curious about comings and goings at her house later that night, wanders into the street and witnesses a car bombing. There's Chiara before the explosion and Chiara after the explosion, and she'll never go back to who she was before"


“A solid film bolstered by its gripping central performance.”

Marina Ashioti, Little White Lies

“A truly mesmerising coming-of-age crime story.”

Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia

“Another very impressive achievement from Carpignano.”

Peter Bradshaw Guardian




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