C'mon C'mon

Sunday 6th March 5:00 PM


Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny in this road movie where he hits the road across the States with his nephew Jesse who he is looking after while his sister Viv is away.

"This is a movie about listening – really listening – to what other people have to say. Johnny's work involves interviewing kids, tapping into their hopes and fears for the future. Jesse, an eccentric, endearingly odd nine-year-old, refuses to be recorded but immerses himself in the sounds around him. And through a series of late-night phone calls, Johnny and Viv, Jesse's mother, reopen the lines of communication that were felled after the death of their mother" – Wendy Ide, Observer.

"C'mon C'mon is a great big bear hug wrapped in celluloid. Mike Mills, is a master of intimate, unforced emotion and the kind of simple wisdom that always sounds best when it’s coming from the minds of children. They come out with the kind of gold that screenwriters would spend many a sleepless night trying to chase after" - Clarisse Loughrey, Independent - "Phoenix is always at his best in a role like this. He's playful and vulnerable, without a hint of vanity. I like when his sentences run as one long, intake of breath. He sounds a little like Winnie-the-Pooh".


“C'mon C'mon is a great big bear hug wrapped in celluloid.”

Clarisse Loughrey, Independent

“Almost every scene is trying to make sense of that happy, sad, full, empty and always shifting life that we are in.”

Kevin Maher, Times




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