The Lady in the Portrait

Sunday 13th December 5:00 PM


This one is for lovers of beauty, China and history; did I mention the beauty?

"In the court of Qianlong Emperor, the women serve as either wives or concubines while the men are mostly eunuchs or soldiers. There are, however, a few foreigners permitted to roam the palace grounds, including a couple of Jesuit priests whose religious practices are tolerated and whose artistic abilities are admired by Qianlong. One of them, the talented draftsman Attiret, is asked - or rather, commanded - by the emperor to paint the portrait of the latter's young bride Ulanara, who is still trying to find her place next to a powerful husband waging war throughout China...But the painting sessions prove difficult for both of them...Is he falling in love with her, tempted by such proximity to the female flesh? And is she unable to cope with the fact her husband is surrounded by subservient women, some of whom could be more attractive and worthy of the crown?" - Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter.

Better known as a producer, this is de Meaux's third film as director. "[He] shows a real command of his movie's craft, shooting in gorgeous widescreen compositions that often look like paintings themselves" - Jordan Mintzer again.




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