Dance of the Seven Veils

Saturday 29th February 9:00 PM


One of Ken Russell's most controversial works even if it hasn't been seen in public for 50 years. Aired on 15th February 1970 (one of the most misunderstood TV broadcasts ever) it marked the end of Ken's association with the BBC. Immediately after the broadcast the Strauss family removed all rights for the use of the music by Richard Strauss and the film has been wrapped in legal tape ever since. We are delighted that Lisi Russell will be with us to host the screening and discuss the film. In addition, we will be screening a number of music videos that Ken recorded for the likes of Elton John, Sarah Brightman and Cliff Richard as these too have seldom if ever seen light of day.

An evening of Ken's work that you may not have another chance to see, so one not to be missed.

Thanks to Lisi Russell, the BBC and BFI


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