The Nightingale

Friday 28th February 9:00 PM


At the turn of the 19th century, Clare is an indentured convict held by a British Lieutenant. His abuse of power, delaying her release, leads to horrific consequences.

"Although set some 200 years ago the concerns about violence - towards women, towards indigenous people, towards nature, the repercussions of colonization - they're very much in our mentality and in the way we live now", observed Kent, "but by placing something in the past, you can give people a distance from it, so they can see it without feeling like they're being attacked. Everything that's real and deep about this film is relevant now. Completely."

A quite astonishing film but please be aware it contains scenes of brutality and infanticide.

Thanks to Vertigo Films


“The most shocking thing about this shocking film? When it was over, I felt like I'd been released from a warm hug.”

London Evening Standard

“ The power and sheer command of Kent's direction enforced this film's grip on me, along with the fluency and urgency of her storytelling...”

Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“A fearless, breathtaking masterpiece.”

Elena Lazic, Little White Lies




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