Friday 28th February 12:30 PM


Amanda is a genuinely moving film about the impact of a terrorist outrage – the film is set within the context of the attacks in Paris and Nice – on a young family.

Cleverly, Director Mikhaël Hers does not focus on the attack itself but on the human consequences for those caught up in it – in this case David who suddenly finds himself solely responsible for his 7 year-old niece, Amanda.

With a delightful performance in the title role from Isaure Multrier and a cameo from KFF guest Greta Scacchi this is a film of great sincerity and warmth.

Thanks to Curzon


“A low-key family drama with a shattering tragedy at its heart, Amanda is a quietly moving celebration of human resilience from French writer-director”

Mikhael Hers. Hollywood Reporter

“Delivers a hard lesson about the healing power of love and acceptance with simple and unsentimental eloquence.”

Lucy Popescu, Cinevue




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