The Run + Nicky Spinks - Bob Graham Round

Friday 28th February 12:30 PM


When we found that Richard Heap had directed a short film about the remarkable Nicky Spink's attempt at the Bob Graham Round, we had to screen it. We have paired it with The Run, Anupam Sharma's documentary about another endurance athlete – Australian Pat Farmer as he runs the length of India 85 kilometers a day for 64 days.

The Run will provide a nail-biting, humorous, visually enchanting, dramatic, inspiring journey through a diverse and visually stunning India which will saturate your senses. This film is a journey where the destination really does not matter.

Nicky Spinks – Bob Graham Round
20 mins Richard Heap 2015

Richard Heap will be joining us for a Q&A


“The Run forgoes the observational disconnect of most factual films and becomes one with the profound journey itself.”

Simon Foster, Screen-space




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