Sunday 20th October 5:00 PM


"Aniara: the interstellar equivalent of a luxury cruise ship, ferrying the wealthiest survivors of a dying Earth to a new home on Mars. When the Aniara gets knocked off course, a three-week voyage gets an updated ETA of 'TBA.' While the staff and the customers try to distract themselves with shopping, arcades and discos, as the years drag on, the ship's culture degrades..." - Noel Murray, LA Times.

Not so much a Sci-fi movie as a philosophical look at what humans might do when threatened with disaster (seems appropriate!), this looked too interesting to ignore. Just what would we do?


“ a cold, cruel, piercingly humane sci-fi parable that’s both bang on the zeitgeist and yet also unnervingly original.”

Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

“This striking first feature from Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja is a work of daunting ambition.”

Wendy Ide, Screen International




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