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Sunday 6th October 5:30 PM


Plus Q&A with director Jon Jones
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For those of you brought up in the countryside, remember those blissful, seemingly endless summers, playing games when you were young? Or for us townies, holidays away which went all too quickly... well this is the world we go back to with four young lads in remote Wales. Davy and brother Iwan run wild through the woods with their friends Rhys and Robbie, enjoying their little paradise... until a tragedy occurs.

The adults take over - of course - and try to work out what happened, and what to do next, always ignoring young Davy and keeping him out of their conversations. He realises that they really don't understand and that it is up to him to work it all out.

The film reviewers praise the young actors - especially Noa Thomas as Davy - and Jon Jones' directing; showing everything from a child's perspective is never easy for an adult, but "you get the sense that Jones truly understands and treasures the foolish heroism of young boys" - Leslie Felperin, Guardian.

We are pleased to announce that the director, Jon Jones will be here to answer your questions after the film.


“Even in the darkest places it finds moments of joy and wonder, whilst the banter between the boys is beautifully observed and full of humour. Most importantly, it captures the children's perspective on life perfectly and uses it to challenge adult assumptions about what's best for them - or for anyone dealing with trauma. The result is a cinematic gem”

Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film




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