Ash is Purest White

Sunday 15th September 5:00 PM


"Zhangke Jia's belter of a film is part crime epic, part woman-seeks-justice flick, part state of the nation address. It takes the staples of the gangster flick - the mobster's moll, gang rivalries, violent shoot outs - as a jumping off point for both a granular character study of a woman's resolve, and a macro portrait of China at the turn of the century where modernity is quickly outstripping tradition. Either way, it's a riveting picture driven by a fantastic performance by Zhao Tao as a wronged woman whose laser focus makes Kill Bill's The Bride look lackadaisical in comparison" - Ian Freer, Empire.

China has produced many epic movies and Zhangke Jia has been part of that for over 20 years. Here he continues in his niche, using a grand story to frame the ills of Chinese society today. Bring it on!


“Pure cinema, and a story of the underworld unlike anything you've seen before”

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Engrossing, surprising and affecting, held together by a towering performance from Tao - her gaze alone should carry a licence to kill”

Ian Freer, Empire




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