Anchor and Hope

Sunday 27th January 5:00 PM


Two women, Eva and Kat, are living an idyllic bohemian life on a canal boat in London. What happens when Eva decides she wants a baby and Kat disagrees? Maybe nothing, but when Kat's best friend Roger turns up and agrees to be the father, and then moves in too, it is fair to expect some problems arise! This comedy drama follows the events set in the cramped space of the canal boat where the (now) threesome try to work out what they want while they plan for the fourth to arrive.

Eva is played by Oona Chaplin (daughter of Geraldine Chaplin, who plays her mother here) and Natalie Tena plays Kat; both get good reviews.


“The performances are excellent, the dialogue is witty and the canals of north London are beautifully shot”

Andy Lea, Daily Express.




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