Cold War

Sunday 21st October 5:00 PM


If you loved Pawel Pawlikowski's Oscar and BAFTA-winning last film 'Ida' as much as we did you won't be at all surprised that we have included his new 'Cold War' in this season. This, too, is winning awards: at Cannes Film Festival, Pawel Pawlikowski won the Best Director award and the film was nominated for the Palme d'Or.

The film shows the meeting between Wiktor, a travelling musician and Zula, who comes to an audition for his folk group. It then follows the two folk musicians around Cold War Europe, weaving their love and the politics of the time into "a crisply controlled saga of romantic torture, glamour, forbidden border crossings and more betrayals than you can shake a black silk stocking at" - Stephanie Zacharek, Time.

Wiktor and Zula have a complicated relationship over the years, which is held together by the music: "The music does the feeling for them - and the music, like their relationship, changes. We have folk chorals that speak of lost loves, sweetly wounded jazz twinkling in French caf├ęs, and the furious, overpowering charge of rock 'n' roll" - Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice.

Which only leaves me wondering, is the 'Cold War' of the title about the political times of the countries they travel through; or is it more about the relationship between the two lovers..?