C’est la Vie

Sunday 9th September 5:00 PM


We start our new year with a comedy/drama that should get us all in the mood again; It's French and comes from the directors of 'Untouchable', the film which went down so well in 2012. What could possibly go wrong?! Well, picture the scene..."A bitter, laconic wedding planner; his chip-on-her shoulder protégé; an egomaniacal groom; a post-nervous breakdown waiter who can't stop hitting on the bride: These are but a few of the pieces that form the rollicking French farce, 'C'est la vie'. Manic and earnest, the meticulously constructed plot whips by at a breakneck pace" - Brent McKnight, Seattle Times.

The wedding is set in a 17th Century chateau but it looks like both the staff and the guests, not to mention the couple themselves, are all out to make the planner's job as hard as possible. "Like expert jugglers at a slapstick circus, the directors keep most of the characters and their faults and needs neatly in the air, with the rhythm hardly flagging and the tone buzzy and bustling throughout without becoming exhausting" - Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter.

...And you have to love a film that changes its original French title to... A French title. Ah well; c'est la vie... come on along and enjoy yourself!



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