Happy End

Sunday 28th January 5:00 PM


Meet the Laurents; a rich, dysfunctional family who are more interested in their own internal problems than the big issues going on in the world around them (including the immigration camp at Calais just down the road). The family business is run by Anne (Isobelle Hupert), but we see them mainly through the eyes of 13 year old Eve, the daughter of Thomas. "Her father has remarried, but spends his free time engaged in lyrical cybersex with another woman, and Anne's currently engaged to a British businessman (Toby Jones) for whom she harbors no apparent affection. [Anne's son] Pierre is prone to sudden outbursts, humiliating his relatives at family gatherings by calling out their disregard of immigrant houseworkers and heaping on insults whenever his mother comes close" - Eric Kone, IndieWire.

So classic Michael Haneke territory then. After his Oscarnominated 'Amour', which went down so well in Keswick, we were keen to see what he came up with next. With the critics split on this one, we decided we had to let you see it so that you could all make up your own minds. This is (almost) a follow-on from 'Amour' - Jean-Louis Trintingnant actually plays a character with the same name he played there - but this time Haneke uses black comedy instead of grand tragedy. "Sometimes 'Happy End' feels like an untidy retort to the pointed 'Amour', but it is also, on its own merits, an exceedingly clever, thought-provoking and dark reflection on life, death and family relations" - Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail.

We get some great acting along the way, with the newcomer Fantine Harduin who plays Eve getting many plaudits for holding her own in such famous company. Will you like it? You will need to come along to find out...




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