Sunday 14th January 5:00 PM


"A dreamily mysterious and beautifully shot film about two disreputable Moroccan men who, as part of a caravan of travellers, accept the task of carrying the dead body of a holy man, the 'Sheikh', across the Atlas mountains to be buried in his home village" - so says Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian.

The film centres on the two men, and a mysterious character - Shakib Ben Omar - who is given the task of guiding the religious sect - led by the Sheikh - through the mountains. The three men are then left to face the elements - physical and spiritual - that try to prevent them reaching their goal.

"There's a touch of the Herzogs to this gorgeous and opaque film if you're willing to read it as a parable about the literal transporting of religious fervour to far flung communities. There's also an existential element to this journey, as the characters battle against ruthless elements which remain utterly blind to their spiritual cause. This becomes a test of faith for the men as events take a turn for the awkward" - David Jenkins, Little White Lies.

If fantastic scenery and thoughtful, poetic films are your bag, this one is definitely for you… We can't wait




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