The Graduate

Sunday 5th November 5:00 PM


Memories of the 60s - Celebrating 60s films At Rheged

If I ask you to name your favourite 1960s film, which one would come to your mind? No doubt we would get 100 different answers from 100 people...and we probably will when we ask the question at Rheged today. We have chosen 'The Graduate' to watch - mainly because it was such a great film, but also because it has just been re-released in a beautiful 4K digital version which should look fantastic at Rheged.

Do I need to tell you about the film? Dustin Hoffman made his name here as Ben, fresh out of university and sitting around at home looking for things not to do until he strikes up a 'liaison' with Mrs Robinson (Anne Bancroft), one of his parents' friends.

His embarrassed attempts at sex are both funny and sad, and things get worse when he meets and falls for her daughter Elaine (Katherine Ross), who is due to get married soon... can love prevail? Will Mrs Robinson allow it? Will Elaine find out about his relationship with her mother? If you can't remember, all I will say it is a great ride while he tries, ably assisted by the great music from Simon and Garfunkel.

After the film, instead of our usual meal, we are going to have some 60s snacks to eat while we discuss this and other 60s films. We will be joined by two professors from University College London who have been collecting memories of British cinema-goers so bring along your thoughts to share while you enjoy a great movie...and maybe some cheese and pineapple on sticks!




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