Certain Women

Sunday 24th September 5:00 PM


If you have seen any Kelly Reichardt movies, you will know she wants to draw you into the characters, asking you to think about their lives and their reaction to events: "From her terrific debut feature 'River of Grass' through 'Meek's Cutoff' and 'Wendy and Lucy', Reichardt has given us incomplete, quietly suffering women who feel their way into change. Her M.O. is to allow their unexpressed longings to hang quietly in the air so we can feel them too, and watch what happens when they try to act on them" – Ella Taylor, NPR.

'Certain Women' lets us see into the lives of four women in windswept Montana. Firstly, we meet Laura - Laura Dern playing a small-town lawyer, frustrated by the men she represents not respecting her abilities and yearning for more from her life.

Then we see Gina (Michelle Williams) who is fighting her teenage daughter and trying to hold her family together while planning a new house.

Lastly, newcomer Lily Gladstone leaves her horses for a while to take an evening class, where she falls for the teacher, Kristen Stewart.


“These are normal people, like you and me, and it's that relatability that makes Reichardt's work here so powerful”

Brian Tallerco, Rogerebert.com

“The cumulative power of Reichardt's film, beautifully acted by Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Lily Gladstone, is undeniable and quietly devastating.”

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone



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