A Man Called Ove

Sunday 10th September 5:00 PM


Welcome back to Keswick Film! We have another season of films from around the world for you to enjoy. After your summer break, are you ready to laugh? Ready to cry? Before we get stuck into some more thought-provoking films, we have a great season starter for you!

Meet Ove, the grumpy old man to beat even Victor Meldrew. He's lost his wife and his job and the only thing that stops him from committing suicide is that there would be no-one to moan at the neighbours all the while if he did...that and the fact that he is "so bad at dying", as his new neighbour Parvaneh tells him.

You won't be surprised to know that Parvaneh also brings some hope into his life ("no-one should be alone...not even you"), so save some of your tears for the feel-good moments too.


“It is not hard to understand why 'A Man Called Ove', adapted from the best-selling novel by Fredrik Backman, has been such a huge success in Sweden. Writer-director Hannes Holm knows just how to mix the pathos, whimsy and the humour”

Geoffrey Macnab, Independent

“A strong contender for feel-good film of the year.”

David Hughes, Empire Magazine



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