Sunday 12th February 5:00 PM


Romanian directors have made their mark on the international film scene in the last 10 or 15 years and Cristi Puiu is arguably one of the most influential of these. Starting with 'Stuff and Dough' in 2001, 'The Death of Mr Lazarescu' (which we showed here in 2005) through 'Aurora' in 2010, he has remained controversial. His latest film has now garnered him a nomination for Palme d'Or at Cannes this year.

Set almost entirely inside an apartment where friends and relations are gathered for an event that is at first not explained; only gradually do we work it out for ourselves. In fact, this is Puiu's technique for the whole film - he leaves it to us to decide.

"Puiu offers a talky masterclass in seemingly effortless choreography, moving between characters and among conversations about Communism; 9/11 conspiracies; the Charlie Hebdo murders (which have taken place three days before); the 'junkie' who someone brings with them; food; one ageing man's infidelities; and more" - Dave Calhoun, Time Out.

"As time passes, Puiu is confirming himself as one of the most truly distinctive (and philosophically fascinating) voices of 21st-century filmmaking; in his singularly thoughtful approach to cinematic realism, he is at once rigorous and quietly radical" - Geoff Andrew, Sight & Sound.

This promises to be one of those films we will be discussing for long afterwards...



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