Our Little Sister

Sunday 18th December 5:00 PM


Cherry blossom, food and family ties; if you are like me and remember director Hirokazu Koreeda's sublime 'Still Walking' in 2010 you will understand the allusion. Koreeda does not so much tell a story as allow small events in the lives of his characters to show us the way.

Three sisters travel to the funeral of their estranged father. Here, they meet their much younger step-sister for the first time and invite her to come to live with them. Despite the warning from an old aunt that "She may be your sister, but she's also the daughter of the woman who destroyed your family", the new 'little sister' goes back with her new family and "proves an entirely positive presence in this lovely, generous, and touching (film)" - Mark Kermode, Observer.

We hope you enjoy this "warm, embracing joy of a movie to watch" - Wendy Ide, Radio Times - which should put you in the mood for a great, relaxing Christmas. See you next season!




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