The Childhood Of A Leader

Sunday 6th November 5:00 PM


He is the son of an American diplomat and a French/German mother, living in France in 1918; he has no friends and little support from his parents - is it any wonder that he is a bit wild? he a budding sociopath? Brady Corbet's first feature film is a "brilliant psychological drama about the difficult relationship between a growing boy and his parents" - Keswick Film Club previewer - which "stays in your mind for days".Tense throughout (and beautifully filmed, reminding one reviewer of Kubrick and Visconti) and with appropriately scary, Wagnerian music from Scott Walker, we watch the child grow up against the backdrop of WW1 and the rise of fascism: his "monstrosity is the center of the film, and is terrifying because it is so normal" - Lauren Humphrey- Brooks, We Got This Covered.



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