A War

Sunday 25th September 5:00 PM


You are leading your men against the Taliban in Afghanistan, doing your best to work with the locals, trying to build a future out of a horrible war. Your men and the locals like and respect you...BUT, in a war, things still go wrong and you have to make huge decisions in a moment which can change lives forever... The Danes have become the experts at bringing us tense films, perhaps none more so than Tobias Lindholm (writer for 'The Hunt', 'Borgen', writer/director of 'A Hijacking'), who wrote and directed Oscar nominated 'A War'. His usual leading actor Pilou Asbæk plays Captain Pedersen, the man at the centre of the action. Trying to do his best for the Afghans he is there to protect leads him into a situation where he is forced to make a decision to defend his men.

Back home, his wife has been forced to do her best to keep their family together without him, but she is not expecting the problems that hit them when he returns home...




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