The Crow's Egg

Sunday 13th March 5:00 PM


Try to imagine a world where you are so poor that a slice of pizza can become your ultimate dream. This is the world of self-named Big and Little Crow's Egg - two brother's from the slums of Chennai. Scraping an existence the best they can, their lives are changed by the opening of a pizza shop: all they want is to try the mysterious food.

Much like 'Wadjda' (2013) and her desire for a bike, the boys set out to try to save enough money to reach their dream; much like her, nothing is ever as easy as it seems.


“Deceptively simple, this charming film about dreams evolves in the most unex-pected way, endearing us to its two young slum boy protagonists in the process”

Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile



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