Sunday 23rd February 5:30 PM


Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Uma Thurman The dialogue is clear, clever, nuanced but sharp as a knife, and the acting is absolutely spot-on in this investigation into a sexual encounter that took place a few years earlier. Three friends, meeting again in a seedy motel room, conduct a subtle investigation into memory and guilt. Iofilm rightly says 'The fascination of Tape is in the performances and with the language, how words dance around truth, mocking it. Ethan Hawke, as Vince, captures the dysfunctional aspect of a man gone rancid from failure and yet cunning as a rat in his ability to confuse argument'. Topical and brilliant - a must-see.


“Tape crackles with dark, cynical humour and searing insight into the corners of the human psyche”

Washington Post