2017 Festival Programme


Thursday 16th 6:30 PM
Image from Opening Party
Opening Party

Thursday 16th 7:00 PM
The Patriarch

Thursday 16th 9:00 PM
Image from Pass Holders' Party
Pass Holders' Party

Head down from the cinema to The Golden Lion for drinks and plenty of film chat

Friday 17th 12:00 PM

Friday 17th 12:00 PM

Friday 17th 12:00 PM
Yankee Doodle Dandy

Friday 17th 2:45 PM
Manchester By The Sea

Friday 17th 3:00 PM
The Browning Version

Friday 17th 3:00 PM
Draw on Sweet Night

Friday 17th 5:30 PM
The Unknown Girl

Friday 17th 5:45 PM

Introduced by Adam Feinstein

Friday 17th 6:00 PM
Captains of the Clouds

Friday 17th 8:15 PM
The Player

Friday 17th 8:30 PM
American Honey

Friday 17th 8:30 PM
Reaching For The Moon

Saturday 18th 10:00 AM
We Are Many

Saturday 18th 11:00 AM
Swallows and Amazons

Join Visual Effects Supervisor, Simon Hughes and Producer Nick Barton for a special screening of last summer's hit

Saturday 18th 11:10 AM
Paths of the Soul

Saturday 18th 12:00 PM
Image from Osprey Short Film Awards
Osprey Short Film Awards

The best local short films

Saturday 18th 2:10 PM
Wolf Totem

Saturday 18th 2:30 PM
The Salesman

Saturday 18th 2:30 PM
Critic's Choice: Son of Saul

Saturday 18th 5:00 PM
Critic's Choice: Arrival

Saturday 18th 5:00 PM
After The Storm

Saturday 18th 5:00 PM

Casablanca and Michael Curtiz, with Adam Feinstein

Saturday 18th 8:00 PM

Saturday 18th 8:00 PM
White Mischief

+ Q&A with Greta Scacchi

Saturday 18th 10:45 PM
Critic's Choice: Raw

Sunday 19th 10:00 AM
Life, Animated

Introduced by Adam Feinstein

Sunday 19th 10:00 AM
How The Rich Avoid Tax

Presented by Greg Wise + Q&A

Sunday 19th 12:30 PM

Sunday 19th 1:00 PM
Image from Michael Curtiz Talk
Michael Curtiz Talk

Adam Feinstein on Michael Curtiz

Sunday 19th 3:00 PM
Image from Critics Debate
Critics Debate

Karen, Ali and Matt make their final pitch for your vote

Sunday 19th 3:15 PM
The Breaking Point

Sunday 19th 4:30 PM
Toni Erdmann

Sunday 19th 5:30 PM

Sunday 19th 8:00 PM
La La Land